IV (Sneaky Foot Records 2020)

Patrik Jansson Band IV

Track list

1. She Ain´t Gonna Come Back Any More 

2. A Love Like Yours 

3. Love Will Find A Way

4. Same Thing All Over Again

5.She Said What? 

6. Play Me The Blues

7. Someone Who treats You Right

8. Only The Lonely 

9. Nothing But The Blues (Bonus Track)

SO FAR TO GO (Sneaky Foot Records 2017)

Patrik Jansson Band So Far To Go

Track list

1. Can´t Get You (Out Of My Head) 

2. Life Without You 

3. Keep Taking Your Chances 

4. So Far To Go 

5.Those Days Are Gone 

6. That 70´s Thing 

7. Hard To Please 

8. Too Blind To See 

9. Sweet T

HERE WE ARE (Sneaky Foot Records 2014)

Patrik Jansson Band Here We Are

Track list

1. Here I Am 

2. Moving On 

3. One More Broken Heart 

4. Tell Me Baby 

5. Get Away 

6. Greed 

7. Lonis 

8. One Way Track 

9. Never Make Your Move Too Soon 

10. Keep Holding On

PATRIK JANSSON BAND (Sneaky Foot Records 2011)

Track list

1. Thats What I Say

2. I´ll Keep On Moving 

3. Just Move On

4. Hard Life On The Road 

5. Separate Ways 

6. Please Tell Me 

7. Instrumental 

8. Come Along For The Ride

9. Something Special 

10. A Wonder Of Nature