SO FAR TO GO (Sneaky Foot Records 2017)

Recorded at Studio Sound Society by Rasmus Diamant. Mixed and Mastered at SubMob Studios by Martin Karlegård and Patrik Jansson. Produced by Patrik Jansson. All songs written and arranged by Patrik Jansson. Horn Arrangements by Yahlmar Olofsson Tuisu. Patrik Jansson - Guitar & Vocals, Gustaf Andersson - Organ, Keys & Backing Vocals, Thomas Andersson - Bass, Martin Forsstedt - Drums, Adam Fernlöf - Trumpet, Daniel Bjurling - Saxophone,  Yahlmar Olofsson Tuisu - Trombone. Harmonica on Too Blind To See by Mikael ”Mike” Fall. Strings on Those Days Are Gonne by Jonas Öijvall.  Vocals on Can´t Get You (Out Of My Head) by Theresé Thomsson

1. Can´t Get You (Out Of My Head) 

2. Life Without You 

3. Keep Taking Your Chances 

4. So Far To Go 

5.Those Days Are Gone 

6. That 70´s Thing 

7. Hard To Please 

8. Too Blind To See 

9. Sweet T

HERE WE ARE (Sneaky Foot Records 2014)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Martin Karlegård at SubMob Studios, Stockholm 2014. Produced by Patrik Jansson. All songs written and arranged by Patrik Jansson exept Never Make Your Move Too Soon, written by Stix Hooper and Will Jennings. Patrik Jansson - Guitar & Vocals, 
Petter Stenberg - Organ & keys, 
Per Wallander - Bass, 
Patrik Thelin - Drums, Lisa Lystam - Vocals, Mikael Fall - harmonica. Horns by Daniel Bjurling - Tenor Saxophone, Adam Färnlöf - Trumpet 
and Andreas Olofsson Tuisku - Trombone. Horn arrangements by Andreas Olofsson Tuisku

1. Here I Am 

2. Moving On 

3. One More Broken Heart 

4. Tell Me Baby 

5. Get Away 

6. Greed 

7. Lonis 

8. One Way Track 

9. Never Make Your Move Too Soon 

10. Keep Holding On

PATRIK JANSSON BAND (Sneaky Foot Records 2011)

Recorded and Mixed by Christoffer Wetterström and Patrik Jansson at studio Music Solutions, 
Stockholm 2011
. Mastered at CRP media. Produced by Patrik Jansson and Christoffer Wetterström. All songs written and arranged by Patrik Jansson. Patrik Jansson - Guitar & Lead Vocals, Henning Axelsson - Piano & Organ, Per Enstedt - Bass, Fredrik Hartelius - Drums

1. Thats What I Say

2. I´ll Keep On Moving 

3. Just Move On

4. Hard Life On The Road 

5. Separate Ways 

6. Please Tell Me 

7. Instrumental 

8. Come Along For The Ride

9. Something Special 

10. A Wonder Of Nature

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